Antonella & Paolo -  Italian wedding in Masseria Petrafitta



Love in Masseria Pietrafitta



Antonella and Paolo from cold Lombardy and precisely from Milan, returned to their beloved Puglia and precisely to their small country of origin S. Marco in Lamis, to crown their dream of love. It was the month of July, the village atmosphere with the sounds and noises typical of the place began to frame the preparation of the wedding. Paolo began the preparations in his home with the help of his parents and brother and sister, while the bride Antonella began to make up and wore the beautiful dress to then meet her future husband in church.


The religious rite was held at the beautiful convent of Stignano in the woods adjacent to the country of origin. Beautiful lights, colors and atmospheres made those moments indelible over time.


The party then continued in the splendid location of Masseria Pietrafitta, a beautiful Apulian-style location where friends and relatives waited and celebrated dancing and having fun with the newlyweds. I was proud to have been able to tell what happened in a beautiful wedding film.

Wedding church: Convento di Stignano

Wedding venne: Masseria Pietrafitta

Wedding music band: Suonovia