Mariangela e Ferdinando 

love in Tenimento S. Giuseppe


Tenimento S. Giuseppe

apulia STORY

In the small Apulian village of S. Marco in Lamis, since the early hours of the preparations we have tasted the emotions that we would have experienced on the day of the wedding between Mariangela and Ferdinando. Her beautiful Apulian girl, he originally from Salento, crowned their dream of love., Combining different traditions and cultures by choosing close-knit movie makers who worked for a fantastic couple! They chose us to tell about their wedding. The ceremony was held at the church devoted to San Giuseppe, where Mariangela made her beautiful entrance with her gorgeous white dress, while her Ferdinand waited for his bride and was moved by such beauty.


Mariangela and Ferdinando are a special and unique couple of their kind. The celebrations continued at a beautiful location: Tlievo S. Giuseppe, an Apulian-style location all white. Fun and light-heartedness were the protagonists of the party. Together with relatives and friends and thanks to them, we were also protagonists with our wedding video. Chosen by the spouses to tell their wedding film. This is a small taste of the emotions experienced that day.