Valentina and Leonardo - Love in La casa e il mare - Apulia


La casa e il mare

Love in Gargano


Valentina and Leonardo a beautiful couple of Apulian origins. they crowned their love dream on a warm September day in a breathtaking location the house and the sea in the beautiful scenery of the Gargano promontory in Puglia


The religious rite was held at the beautiful church of Madonna del Carmine, in the city of Foggi where friends and relatives welcomed the newlyweds with their warmth and love.


The wedding then continued at the beautiful location La casa e il mare, on the beautiful Puglia table. Guests relatives and friends welcomed the newlyweds with their affection and warmth, celebrating with them the most beautiful day of their lives. An honor for me to have been able to tell those emotions.

Wedding church: Madonna del Carmine

Wedding music band: MD Events