Jacqueline e Luke 

English wedding in Apulia


Tenuta Corigliano


A fantastic wedding was held in September in the Dauno subappennine. English Jacqueline but of Apulian origin and Luke Irish doc, a beautiful couple. In the ancient estate of Tenuta Corigliano . the bride Jacqueline started getting ready together with her beautiful bridesmaids all dressed alike. Meanwhile Luke was preparing with friends and relatives in the small and nearby Borgo Celano, in a beautiful hotel. Together Luke and Jacqueline met in the beautiful Basilica of Stignano, where mass was the splendid setting for this union.


The joy of relatives and friends culminated in the exit of the church with the throwing of the rice. The celebrations then continued on the estate. Friends and relatives with typical English costumes welcomed the newlyweds celebrating with them and each with their traditions in a unique and original wedding film. This is the story of that beautiful day where Giuseppe Prencipe wedding film was a spectator and narrator.

Wedding church: Convento di Stignano

Wedding venne: Tenuta Corigliano