Any answer to your questions ... Faq

  • COVID WEDDING : If by chance our marriage has to be moved due to covid, what happens?

        If the marriage is postponed due to covid reasons, the spouses can freely change the date as long as a date is chosen in which          Giuseppe Prencipe has availability.

  • How far in advance should I contact you?
    Contact me in time! At least 3-4 months before the wedding date.

  • How can I book my wedding date? Just send an email to and I will reply to you within 24h

  • Do you work for more than one wedding per day? Absolutely not. I just want to take care of your wedding in detail.

  • What's your style? I prefer to tell in a discreet way the true emotions of the moment I am about to live. So reportage is the style that identifies me most, leaving the couple the maximum freedom to enjoy the day.

  • Do you work in every region and nation while traveling peacefully? Of course I love to travel, telling the stories of those who commission the work from me.  

  • What types of photos and videos do you make?
    I make wedding photos and videos with different styles: from Wedding films to Same sex weddings. Engagement, Same day edits and real Wedding Cinema videos, as well as real time Weddings, commercials, video clips and documentaries.

  • Do you also deal with post-production processing?
    Yes, I do post production personally as I am the main spectator of the wedding or event to be told and the first to want to be satisfied with my work. Moreover, having direct contact with the couple, I know all the details and their needs.

  • How do you deliver your finished work?
    Each love story, each emotion is customized according to the style of your wedding and will be delivered to you in an album chosen by the couple in an elegant and refined style, among the various models that we have in the office and the video in an exclusive box with a handcrafted packaging with the names of the spouses engraved on the box itself. The box contains: usb key with photo and video in high definition.

  • Do you use collaborators in case of the unexpected? Yup

  • After when do you deliver the finished work? Delivery times usually vary from 4-5 months from the wedding date.

  • What are the costs of a photo / video service? : You can send an email to